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Telecaster Tuesday or Transformation Tuesday? Can’t it be both? Black pickguards for life. #fender #telecaster #deluxe #fsr #sparkle #tasty

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A couple of my pedals

Boss close-ups!


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Perfectly restored Volkswagen T1 at the Rheinbach Classics 2014 #oldtimer #youngtimer #vintagecar #kultauto #kultcars #kultclassic



Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Special Faded Cherry Underwood Heavy Aged | eBay

This is actually some of the most tasteful aging of a new guitar I’ve seen in a long time. As a tech, I get to see a LOT of “aged” guitars, much of it either overdone or totally unrealistic. Sometimes there’s wear where there would never be, or it’s gone so haywire that it no longer looks like an old guitar but instead looks like a fucked-up guitar.

The above is a great example of how to do it well. I didn’t realize this was CS when scrolling through the photos. Yeah, new case, but that’s one hell of a guitar.

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by friendshipmaster on Flickr.

by friendshipmaster on Flickr.